Victoria Justice: "I'd Want to Be, Like, Caressed All the Time" (You Asked!)

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Listen to the fan's question that resulted in that answer in our live video Q&A! Victoria Justice is full of great surprises.

During our full live video Q&A, she told us about her upcoming summer tour with Big Time Rush, her strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse and even her celebrity crush!

(Check out the highlights above.)

"It'll be a great musical experience for all of us," Victoria said about the Summer Break Tour. "I look forward to sharing Keeks with you guys."

Though we're not sure if Victoria will be bringing her dogs on tour, she revealed they're pretty spoiled, in a good way. In fact, when asked by a fan which animal she'd most want to be, she chose them. "They get so much love and attention. Who wouldn't want that?" Victoria challenged. "I'd want to be, like, caressed all the time, it's great!"

Another fan asked (bonus points for the original question): What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Victoria nailed this one without thinking twice: "I'd make us all wear helmets so they couldn't eat our brains."

She even revealed her celebrity crush. "That's a really hard question," Victoria said. "I think Joseph Gordon Levitt is really cool and a really good actor as well."

Check out our recent interview with JGL at SXSW here and check out more from Victoria and BTR!


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