Farrah Abraham Admits Sex Tape and Wants $2 Million for It

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There was no denying it anymore, everyone knew Farrah Abraham made a sex tape, but her asking price seems a little steep. Farrah AbrahamSo, porn star James Deen WAS telling the truth!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has now admitted that she commissioned a sex tape...and get this: She wants $2 million for it!

The 21-year-old Teen Mom star told TMZ that her reason for making the video was so that she could look back when she was older and remember how great her body looked....because we all look back at pictures from when we were younger and think "hmm, these are good, but I should have made a sex tape so I could REALLY see how skinny I was..."

Right? Yeah, not so much...

And while Farrah claims the sex tape was meant to be a personal memento purely for nostalgic reasons, she is willing to sell her memory-maker if the price is right.

Farrah's acknowledgement of the sex tape comes after her co-star, James Deen, admitted that Farrah was had commissioned it and was trying to pass it off as a leak from her personal archives.

As retaliation, Farrah took a (kind of creepy) parting shot at her porno pal, saying that if her ex-boyfriend was still alive, she would have preferred to make it with him instead. Her ex, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident in 2008.

Do you think Farrah is trying too hard to stay in the spotlight?



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