Jimmy Fallon Jokes About Harry Styles on 'Late Night,' Plus Harry Dancing Video

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Jimmy Fallon made a joke about Harry Styles on 'Late Night'--watch!

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Harry Styles got a little late night attention--watch as Jimmy Fallon jokes about Harry getting pantsed on stage in the video below.

During Jimmy's April 9 monologue, he made a joke about Harry, asking first, "Any fans of One Direction out there?"

He continued, "You hear what happened to One Direction? One Direction singer Harry Styles had his pants pulled down by his bandmate during a concert over the weekend."

Jimmy joked, "Even Ken dolls were like, 'Nothing to see here...go back to your business.'"

Aw, joking about Harry's manhood should be off limits, right?

Joking about Harry's dance skills, however...is fair game.

One Direction hair stylist Lou Teasdale posted a Vine video of Harry getting his snappy dance on--and while we're laughing at the moves, we also have to wonder what's up with Hazza's pants.

No skinny jeans here!

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