'The Voice' Season 4 Blind Auditions Part 6 Recap: All Four Teams Are Full!

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In the round of 'The Voice' auditions, all of the judges picked their final team member. The Voice judgesOn part six of The Voice blind auditions, Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher and Adam Levine all added the final members to their teams.

The first contestant to take the stage, unfortunately didn't get to join any of the judges' teams.

Mark Lennon, a 49-year-old from California sang the same song the judges all sang in the premiere episode, "Come Together," but it wasn't enough to win any of them over.

The next contestant, Jacqui Sandell, sang "Dreams," adding her own unique twist to the original Fleetwood Mac version.

Blake and Usher liked what they heard and turned their chairs for her.

Although Shakira debated, she ultimately decided not to hit her button.

Blake told Jacqui that she had a "sexy sound," which helped seal the deal and land Jacqui on his team.

With Blake's team full, Adam, Shakira and Usher were the only ones that could turn for the next contestant, Amber Carrington.

Amber's version of "Good Girl" impressed Adam...and Blake, but he couldn't turn...so Adam got to add Amber as the final member of his team.

Dustin Hatzenbuhler was up next, singing "Haven't Met You Yet."

Dustin's version of the song was fun, but that was exactly the problem for the judges. They all thought it felt too much like a show tune and none of them turned their chairs.

Only Usher and Shakira had spots left on their team when 24-year-old Luke Edgemon took the stage.

Both remaining judges decided they wanted Luke to join their team...and since we were getting down to the wire, Shakira did everything she could to try to beat Usher.

Seeing that Luke was debating who to choose, Shakira put her leg up on her chair the way Usher does and asked if that would help make him want to join her team.

And guess what...it worked! Luke became the final member on team Shakira.

The pressure was on for Usher when the final contestant, Jessica Childress, came on stage.

As the only one with a spot left on his team, he had the ability to make or break her shot at continuing on the show.

When Jessica started singing "Marry You," Adam immediately began nodding his head, telling Usher to turn.

Shakira playfully pushed her button to say that she would have turned, too.

The suspense built as Usher motioned for the audience to cheer if they wanted him to turn.

Finally, Usher stood up and hit his button in what was probably the coolest turnaround of the season.

While all of the other judges wished they could have added Jessica, Usher was the lucky one and she took the final spot on his team.

Next week, things are really going to heat up when the "Battle Rounds" begin. And, to make things even more interesting, the "steal" is back where judges can swipe members from each other's teams.

The "Battle Rounds" begin on Monday.

Which contestant is your favorite so far?



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