Why is Shakira's Ex Suing Her for $100 Million?

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Find out why The Voice judge's ex-boyfriend is claiming she owes him $100 million... Sometimes break-ups get ugly.

Sometimes you fight over material possessions, or your ex will demand that you pay them child support, alimony...or whatever else they think they're owed.

Well, in Shakira's case, her ex believes that he's owed $100 million dollars!

Antonio de la Rua, who dated Shakira from 2000 until 2011, claims that he acted as her manager during that time and scored lucrative deals for her, which he is valuing at $100 million.

The only problem with that claim is that Shakira was already a superstar when she met Antonio (she had released four records) AND in legal documents filed by Shakira, she says that they signed an agreement in 2006 saying that if they ever did split, they would each keep their own assets.

Also, Shakira says that Antonio was never her manager and she never signed anything indicating that he was.

Although she has requested that the case be dismissed, we're sure that in the meantime, Shakira will continue to fight for what she believes is rightfully hers.

Obviously, Antonio didn't hear Shakira's warning on The Voice, when she said "Never underestimate a five-foot-three Columbian girl!"

Do you think Shakira's ex should get a portion of her fortune?



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