Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Engaged? Are Zerrie Getting Married?

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Did Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards get engaged? Proposal rumors swirl.
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Are Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards getting engaged? Could a Zerrie wedding be around the corner?

A source tells Reveal magazine (via, "Zayn's ready to settle down and take the next step with Perrie," adding, "They've been discussing getting engaged with family and friends and everyone thinks it's a great idea. Zayn's deadly serious about it and it looks like he could propose at any time."

Remember that Zayn cheating scandal awhile back? According to the source, "After the cheating scandal Perrie wanted a trial period to see if they could get through it. It worked and they've ended up growing even closer."

The source adds, "Perrie says they could be engaged as early as the summer and that they'd have a big wedding for all their friends, including loads of celebrity pals."

Is there any truth to the Perrie and Zayn engagement/wedding rumors?

There's nothing like a mom to shut it down.

A fan ask Perri's mum, "is it true that zayn proposed to perrie"

Her response? "not that i have heard baba xx"

Maybe we'll hear Zerrie wedding bells someday, but not just yet.

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