Coachella 2013: Why You Should Check Out Passion Pit's Performance!

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Are they one of the acts you want to see at Coachella?

Passion PitAP

Not sure which acts to check out at Coachella this year?

One you should definitely make time to see is Passion Pit!

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Passion Pit is an awesome, pop band whose front-man, Michael Angelakos, has written songs for some of our favorites like Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado and Usher.

The dude's also pretty well-known for canceling tours and shows due to his personal mental their shows at Coachella will DEF be rare and epic!

Our friends at Huffington Post Entertainment recently interviewed Angelakos and he had a lot to say about touring, his personal issues and performing at Coachella this year...TWICE!

Check out that exclusive interview HERE!

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