Demi Lovato 'Live with Kelly & Michael': "Heart Attack" and Interview

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demi lovato
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Demi Lovato on Live with Kelly and Michael Heart AttackYouTube

Watch Demi Lovato on Live with Kelly and Michael--she stopped by to talk about X Factor, her new album, and to perform her new single "Heart Attack."

First, Demi got an amazing response from the girls in the audience. We're talking tears and a general outpouring of emotion.

Kelly Ripa notes the fan reaction, summing it up perfectly by saying, "You've really inspired a generation of young girls with your beautiful and challenging and victorious story, so congratulations to you."

As for her return as judge on The X Factor, Demi loves the gig, saying, "I think I've lived a lot of life at a young age. I've seen the world from a different a kid, I just always got along better with adults. Being able to sit on a panel with other adults, I feel comfortable...if that makes any sense."

Demi's new album, she says, has "a ton of upbeat songs that are just like 'Heart Attack'--super catchy," but she adds, "I also have some pretty emotional songs on there, opening up about things I haven't ever really talked about. It's a big deal for me."

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