Is Katy Perry Trying to Steal Robert Pattinson from Kristen Stewart?

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Katy Perry has been leaning on Robert Pattinson for support after her breakup with John Mayer...but does she want more than just his friendship? Katy PerryKaty Perry and Robert Pattinson's friendship is nothing new.

When Katy and Russell Brand called it quits in 2011, the pop star leaned on her pal Rob for support.

And in 2012, when Kristen Stewart and Rob split after her cheating scandal, Katy was right there to return the favor.

Now that Katy is getting over another breakup (from John Mayer), it looks like it is Rob's turn to once again be the supportive sounding board...but this time around, there are rumors that Katy wants him to be more than that.

HollywoodLife reported that Kristen, Rob and Katy were all partying together at Rob's house when Katy confessed that if things didn't work out between them, she would like to date Rob.

Apparently, Kristen was so upset about Katy's comment it made her "think that maybe the rumors of them hooking up in the past are true."

Katy was probably just kidding, but that definitely isn't something to joke about, especially with a couple that already has trust issues.

Do you think Katy is trying to steal Rob from Kristen?


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