Justin Bieber: Orchestra Creates Awesome "Beauty and a Beat" Classical Remix (WATCH!)

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Best Bieber remake ever?!

Justin Bieber performing on stage.

Are you ready for like the coolest Justin Bieber remix ever?

A guy named Steve Pycroft got a brilliant idea when he felt that Bieber's song "Beauty and a Beat" had potential to be raised to a new, baroque level.

Pycroft decided to take "Beauty and Beat" and rearrange it for a performance by Robin Blaze and the University of York Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir. Like he imagined, it came out awesomely!

Lucky for us, the performance was posted on You Tube! It has had over 150,000 views so far!

In the remix, the song maintains the tune's original lyrics but gives off a whole new feel when slowed down.

Check out the video below to see the "Beauty and a Beat" classical performance!

Do you think it's pretty cool?



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