Coachella 2013: California High School Officials Upset Over Coachella Cut Day

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You won't believe what one school is doing to students who skip school for the festival!

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Were you one of the students who skipped school today to go to Coachella?

If so, you might want to tell the truth on your school excuse!

According to a report on The Atlantic Wire, a private school in Los Angeles instituted an official Coachella detention policy this year because so many of their students don't show up to school on the first day of the festival.

The school didn't set up the policy as a type of punishment but as a way for students to own up to taking a ditch day. If you admit you went to Coachella at that school, you won't be in trouble but will have to have a school detention. This is the school's way of encouraging telling hte truth and underscoring the fact that choices do have consequences.

Other California schools simply schedule "meeting days" or "teacher days" on Coachella Friday because so many students skip.

Coachella isn't the only musical act causing schools to reschedule things! Justin Bieber recently made a few Norwegian schools reschedule exam dates because of his concert!

Do you think students should be punished for skipping school for Coachella? What do you think of the one school's telling-the-truth policy?

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