'The Voice' Judges (Gallery): Blake, Shakira, Adam and Usher's Offscreen Drama!

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There could almost be another show about the judges lives offscreen!
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Gallery | 'The Voice' Judges On and Offscreen!

There may not be any drama between the judges on The Voice (yet), but two of the judges have some drama going on in their personal lives.

In February, it was rumored that Blake Shelton had allegedly cheated on his wife Miranda Lambert. But if the tabloid coverage got to him, he didn't let it show. Blake recently fired back, "If I'm popular enough that they want to put me and Miranda on that stuff, that's awesome."

But the negative buzz didn't stop there. It was also reported that Miranda went into a jealous rage because of Blake and Shakira's (whom even Miranda says is "so sexy") friendship!

And Shakira has her own drama, stemming from her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Claiming that he was also her manager during their 11-year relationship, Shakira's ex, Antonio de la Rua, has filed a $100 million lawsuit asserting that he helped her score a slew of money-making deals.

Shakira has admitted to Antonio's help, but was he ever her manager? The Columbian singer is shaking her Hips no, and they Don't Lie.

Adam Levine and Usher have been scandal free, except for a recent Star Magazine report that has them feuding. A source tells GossipCop it's not true, but if they ever do get into a tiff, at least they don't sit next to each other.

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