Will 'American Idol's' Lazaro Arbos Be on 'Glee'? "Ryan, Call Me Maybe!"

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Who does Lazaro want to be the next American Idol?

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Lazaro Arbos held it down for the boys on American Idol as long as he could, but his time was up this week.

Idol paired the finalists off during the live results. "I felt that I was going home," Lazaro said, when his best friend Amber Holcomb was paired off with him. "She hasn't been getting the most votes, but I said if they save me and not her, I was going to get so mad!"

So is he rooting for his bff to take the Idol title? "I'm technically not allowed to say who I want to win," Lazaro began. "But when you watch the show back, just look at the one who cries the most and you'll see who I want." Hmm...that doesn't really narrow it down, in our opinion. It's been an emotional season so far.

But Lazaro didn't sound too bummed about last night. "My main goal wasn't to win a TV show," he said. "It was to get known as an artist." Lazaro even told us he didn't want to be No. 1. "As long as I get signed and go on tour and people buy my records," he said, "I'll be fine."

Speaking of records, he already has a theme in mind. "I love ballads, but I love pop too," he said. "I want to do an album that has the words mean a lot and come from the heart. But also an album that does have a pop vibe. An album like Lady Gaga probably." We can definitely see that coming from Laz.

The journey has been long but rewarding for Lazaro. "Six months ago I hadn't rode a plane by myself," he said. "The show molded me so much and it just gave me such thick skin. I'm so tough [now]. I know who I am."

He isn't looking to take a break, either. "My next goal is to get on Glee," Lazaro revealed. "If Ryan Murphy stops by, let him know to call me." Considering former Idol alumni Jessica Sanchez is making that happen, we think Lazaro has a good shot. Lazaro's parting words: "Ryan, call me maybe!"

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