Did Harry Styles Hook Up With Chelsea Ferguson?

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She took a stab at Taylor Swift on Twitter too!
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Harry Styles' crazy night out Wednesday night might've been more crazy than we all expected!

Harry's night seemed to be epic after he was reportedly caught being carried out of the bar and home that night. There's also tal that he hooked up with a model named Chelsea Ferguson that night too after her friends tweeted several hints of a hookup.

"@chelsfergo You drunk Harry styles under the table! #Legend," one tweet said confirming the two DID hang out that night!

Chelsea later retweeted a person's tweet that stuck up for her against those crazy 1D fans, ""A few more jealous b****** moanin @chelsfergo for bein out with Harry Styles last night hahaha I hope u rocked his world! #TeamFergo..."

The model then retweeted her friend Jasmine's post, "
Looks like I missed out in Newcastle last night .... @chelsfergo 😏 you little cradle snatcher 😂😂..."

Ohhh man, if that doesn't say something happened, we don't know what does!

Harry's gal also took a stab at Taylor Swift, retweeting, "I wonder if Taylor swift will write a song about @chelsfergo partying with her ex Harry styles 😏..."

Do you think Harry and Chelsea hooked up?

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