'The Show With Vinny': Vinny and His Fam Were Surprised by Which Rapper's Charm? (WATCH!)

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We aren't the only ones who can't get enough of Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore!

Now he's starring in his own MTV reality show and it's not the kind of show you might think it is.

Vinny, his adorable mom and hilarious uncle recently stopped by the Cambio studios to talk about his new show, The Show With Vinny. Telling us they wanted to have a show where celebs could come "home" while on the road, Vinny and his fam admitted that Ke$ha was a crazy visit and Lil Wayne was surprisingly super sweet when he stopped by Vinny's house for the show.

"Whenever Lil Wayne walks into the house, he turns into a southern gentleman. He took off his hat, he was like 'thank you, mam,' being all polite...," Vinny said about Weezy.

Find out more about Vinny's new show, the celebs on it and if he has a girlfriend by watching our interview above!

And don't forget to catch Vinny at the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow night too!

Not only will he be on the red carpet for MTV News during the pre-show but there will also be a sneak peak premiere of his show AFTER the awards show Sunday night!

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