Kim Kardashian Creeps on Kendall Jenner (WATCH!)

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Kim Kardashian gets called a "creepster" by one of her sisters while she is envying Kendall Jenner's body.

Kim Kardashian
is not known for letting her family members enjoy their when Kendall Jenner decided to throw on her bikini and catch some rays, she should have known that Kim wouldn't be far behind.

In this recently posted video, entitled "Envy," Kim sneaks up on Kendall Jenner and is admiring her body when sister Khloé Kardashian calls her a "creepster."

At first, Kim denies stalking her sister...then realizes what the whole situation must look a little sketchy and acknowledges Khloe, saying, "Yeah, it is kinda creepy, but I'm just jealous!"

Kim then decided to take a double shot at the Kardashian/Jenner critics, when she zooms in on Kendall's body and says, "Kendall, don't worry, I won't call you 'too skinny,' I know you get offended, but I get called 'too fat,' so I'm just saying..."

Check out the video above, then tell us if you think Kim was creepin' on her sister or if it's cute how she admires her so much.



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