Lady Gaga Offers Generous Gift to Ailing Fan

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Lady Gaga is not only introducing a fan in need to her team of specialists, she's also offered to pay for all of her treatment. Lady Gaga photographed on her gold wheelchair. Lady Gaga loves her fans!

Mother Monster is always surprising us with generous gestures toward her "Little Monsters" and her most recent one might just be her biggest yet!

When Gaga heard that one of her fans had to have the same surgery that she recently had on her hip, she not only felt a connection to the young girl (named Emma). She also felt an obligation to make sure she got the best treatment possible.

Gaga has offered to introduce Emma to her team of specialists...and she's offered to pay for everything!

Gaga's grateful fan posted this message on her Twitter page, "Gaga herself reached out to me and is hooking me up with her team of doctors, plus others, that did her surgery in NYC as I have been needing a hip replacement for quite some time (my left hip dislocated almost two weeks ago too.. I know, perfect timing, right?)"

Emma also said that Gaga flew them out this weekend for an all-expenses paid consult with the doctors.

She expressed her overwhelming gratitude with a message saying, "I would like to send a MASSIVE thank you to Gaga, her entire team, as well as (Gaga's parents) Cynthia and Joe for doing an incredible job of raising the most beautiful person I know."

But that wasn't all...Lady Gaga also had one more surprise up her sleeve!

Now that she's back on her feet again, Gaga is giving her gold-plated wheelchair (which she had named "Emma" in honor of the fan) to its namesake so that Emma can recover in style just like she did!

How cool is that?!

Are you surprised that Lady Gaga is paying for her fan's surgery?



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