Spoiler ALERT: One of the Guys Is Popping the Question on 'Glee'

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One of our favorite 'Glee' couples might end season 5 season engaged! Can you guess which one? If you love spoilers, then we have a big one for you on Glee. According to E Online, sources have leaked the secret that Blaine (Darren Criss) will propose to on-and-off again boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer).

Sources close to the show have even spilled some deets on how this proposal will go down, saying that Blaine stops by a jewelry store to buy a ring from a salesperson played by Patty Duke.

She speaks to Blaine about his love for Kurt, and then she and her longtime girlfriend, played by Family Ties' Meredith Baxter, offer to be their mentors. Duke and Baxter hope to share with Blaine about what it used to be like for LGBT people and how things have greatly changed for this new generation.

The storyline was inspired by the recent Supreme Court case regarding same-sex marriage.

OMG, Blaine and Kurt together again and this time for forever?!

But with all that Blaine has put Kurt through with cheating on him, do you think Kurt will say yes?

Technically the two are not even a couple at the moment (depending on which one you ask) with Kurt kind of seeing Adam in New York and Blaine having an eye for Sam in Lima. But then again, Kurt did come to see Blaine in Grease and they did hook up at Will and Emma's wedding.




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