'The Voice' Contestants Prep for the "Battle Rounds," Street Fighter-Style!

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See the secret weapons each of the teams has in this Street Fighter-style promo for The Voice "Battle Rounds." %VIRTUAL-Gallery-185387%

The Voice contestants are taking their training for the battle rounds very seriously!

In this new web exclusive video, the contestants are showcased in a Street Fighter-style mash-up and instead of hearing their voices, we get to see their moves.

The video game-themed promo shows the advantages each team has against the other as well as an edge the contestants within the teams have on one another (speaking in Street Fighter terms, of course).

On Adam Levine's team, Agina Alvarez wards off Duncan Kamakana and Warren Stone with simultaneous shots to the stomach and Sarah Simmons shows off her secret weapon, "The Levine Stare."

For Team Usher, Michelle Chamuel delivers an undercut KO punch to Ryan Innes. Taylor Beckham, on the other hand, has "Moves Like Usher" and is able to fight off Jeff Lewis and Josiah Hawley with a single sway of the hips.

On Blake Shelton's team, Justin Rivers takes a tip from his coach and uses Blake's infamous "Finger Point" to stop Christian Porter in his tracks.

Lastly, for Team Shakira, Cathia and Monique Abbadie prove that their hips don't lie when they double hip-check Brandon Roush with the "Shakira Hip Shake."

Check out the video below to see the rest of the contestants show their stuff, Street Fighter-style!

Then tell us which team you would push "Start" for!

Don't forget...The Voice "Battle Rounds" begin tonight at 8pm!


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