Farrah Abraham Reveals Part of Her DUI Punishment

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Teen Mom 2 star Farrah Abraham shows off her new "partner in crime."

Teen Mom
star Farrah Abraham definitely isn't shy about her DUI.

First, she called in to "TMZ Live" to address the situation...but when that backfired on her, she decided to write an open letter online, where she called the arresting officer an "a**whole" (yep, you read that right!) and a "dumba**."

Now, she has posted a video to her Keek account, where she shows off the Ignition Interlock
Device that was placed on her car.

The device requires a breath sample in order for the ignition to start and will not allow the engine to turn on if it detects any alcohol on your breath. It also requires periodic samples while driving to prevent drivers from having someone else blow into it just to start the engine.

Instead of taking the matter seriously, Farrah instead brags that it's going to make her "a professional at blowing," which may or may not have been a shameless plug for her recently filmed sex tape.

Watch the video above to see Farrah showing off her new "partner in crime," which is more like her "partner to prevent her from committing another crime"...but whatever!



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