Harry Styles and Chelsea Ferguson Rumors Shot Down by 1D Reps

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Did Harry Styles and Chelsea Ferguson have an "intimate" night together? %VIRTUAL-Gallery-177432%

Harry Styles
and Chelsea Ferguson hook up/dating rumors were swirling the other day after Harry reportedly partied with the model.

Turns out, as these things go, there's not a bit of truth to it.

Harry hit up nightclub Perdu in Newcastle, where he reportedly got fall-down drunk and got "intimate" with Chelsea.

She told The Mirror, "Things got out of control. We were intimate. Let's just say all pop stars think they can be with you and Harry is no different."

Chelsea reportedly told all to the tabloid, noting, "I had done a striptease and showed my boobs. He walked up to me and said, 'Hi, I'm Harry. I have just done a gig in Newcastle. He wanted a conversation, to chill out, have fun and get drunk. I couldn't believe Harry Styles wanted to spend time with me."

She added, "He stared at the rose tattoo on my hand. Then he lifted up his shirt and showed me the ones on his chest. He smiled and said, 'Look, we have our tattoos in common.' He has a really good body."

Are you believing it so far?

How about this little nugget: Chelsea noted, "He said he'd never seen boobs like mine before and that he had been looking at them all night."

Um. Okay?

Chelsea also said that Harry liked that she was "down-to-earth" and they had a "good time," going into detail about what they drank and saying they got "wasted," adding, "No one really noticed us together, it was only a few days after that everyone wanted to know about it."

She also told the newspaper that she doesn't care who Harry is, saying, "I like Harry because he is genuine. Money and good looks aren't important to me. It didn't matter that he's in the biggest boyband in the world."

It seems Harry didn't agree with how the evening with Chelsea went down, with a One Direction rep setting the record straight: "Harry did not get 'intimate' with Chelsea Ferguson," they told Sugarscape.com.

They added, "This story is a complete fabrication. Harry spoke to many fans that night but nothing else happened."

That sounds more like the truth.


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