Joe Jonas Talks Weirdest Fan Gift Ever: A Hippo?

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Joe Jonas talks about the weirdest gift the Jonas Brothers have ever gotten. %VIRTUAL-Gallery-157133%

In a new interview, Joe Jonas talks about the passionate Jonas Brothers fans, including dishing on the weirdest gift they've ever gotten.

When asked about some of the oddball items they've received from fans, Joe told WBLI, "The weirdest thing would probably be...we were gifted a hippo at a wildlife preserve. That's got to be one of the weirdest ones."

Although he didn't seem to know where or what his hippo is up to, he added, "There's a hippo somewhere in a wildlife preserve with the name Jonas."

Have they gotten other strange things?

Joe dished, "Yeah, we've been given quite a few different things...somebody built us a wine rack, so that was pretty bizarre."

As for fans throwing bras on stage? You bet.

Joe said, "We had our fiddler on stage...we've been putting all the bras that have been thrown on stage on her like a microphone stand."

Poor girl!

One girl who is lucky? A Jonas Brothers fan they called up so Joe could say "Good morning."

But first, Joe put on a funny voice before surprising the fan.


Check out the Jonas Brothers' live stream chat on tomorrow, April 17--can't wait!


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