'The Voice' Battles Premiere Recap: Shakira Steals Two Singers

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Find out who stayed and who went home after the first six rounds of The Voice "Battle Rounds."

On The Voice "Battles" premiere, we saw six different battles.

The first to enter the ring were Amber Carrington and Sasha Allen from Adam Levine's team, singing "Try" by Pink.

Although Amber had been concerned during rehearsals that Sasha's voice is so powerful, she matched her note-for-note during the battle and ended up being selected as the winner by Adam.

But, that wasn't the end of the road for Sasha. The second Amber was declared the winner, Usher was pounding on his button to try to steal her. When Shakira realized it was already time to steal, she hit her button, too.

With a tough decision on her hands, Sasha decided to go with her gut and chose Shakira...telling Usher that it was "the woman thing."

Usher understood and told her there were no hard feelings.

Moving on to the next battle, team Shakira had Garrett Gardner going up against J'Sun singing "How You Like Me Now."

J'Sun admitted that he had underestimated Garrett at first and when they stepped on the stage, Garrett was the clear winner.

Blake Shelton admitted that if it was a battle for his team, he would have chosen Garrett...which is exactly what Shakira did.

Unfortunately, nobody decided to steal J'Sun and it was the end of the road for the R&B singer.

The third battle was Holly Tucker against Michelle Raitzin for team Blake.

Knowing that both girls have such great range, Blake picked "Blown Away," by Carrie Underwood...which describes exactly how all of the judges felt about their performance.

Shakira said that it was "fierce" and Blake wanted to call it a tie and keep both of them.

Disappointed that he couldn't do that, Blake decided to go with what he knows best...and picked Holly because she's a country artist.

The next battle was Jess Kellner against Taylor Beckham for team Usher.

The two sang "You Know I'm No Good" with so much soul, the judges were all in awe of the performance.

Shakira and Adam both said that they would pick Taylor if it were a battle on either of their teams, but in the end, Usher decided to go with Jess...at which point Blake decided to swoop in and steal Taylor.

The fifth battle was Christian Porter against The Swon Brothers singing "I Won't Back Down," fighting to keep their spot on team Blake.

The fun performance split the judges and it seemed to be a toss-up as far as who was going to be declared the winner, but in the end, Blake went with The Swon Brothers because he feels he has a bond with them.

The final battle of the night was Judith Hill against Karina Iglesias from team Adam, singing "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World."

While Judith had been picked as an early frontrunner, Karina stepped up to the plate and absolutely blew the judges (and the audience) away.

Adam called it the best battle he's ever seen on the show and Usher said they shook the room.

Although Karina delivered a knockout performance, it wasn't enough to defeat Judith, who Adam declared the winner...but, it was enough to make another judge want to steal her and Shakira used her final steal to bring Karina over to her team.

It's going to be awesome to see both of these incredible singers continue in the competition!

Which was your favorite battle from the "Battle Rounds" premiere?



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