'The Voice' Contestants Unwind While Doing a Good Deed (VIDEO!)

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See Judith Hill, The Swon Brothers, Ryan Innes and other contestants from The Voice having some fun while they volunteer at a local food bank. As part of the Starbucks Global Month of Service, The Voice contestants helped fill boxes with food at Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

While they were able to take a break from the competition to let loose for a little while, they were still very humbled by the experience.

The Morgan twins said "there's nothing that makes you feel better than giving back..." while Christian Porter acknowledges that sometimes even the smallest thing can make the biggest difference to somebody.

For other contestants, like Orlando Dixon, the experience hit much closer to home. He remembers times that he didn't have any food himself, so it makes him feel even better to be able to help those who are in the position that he was once in.

On a lighter note, Zach Swon (of The Swon Brothers) poked fun at himself, saying "I'm not really used to packing food, I'm usually the un-packer of food..." and his brother Colton chimed in "no, he's used to packin' food right here..." pointing to his stomach.

The group packed 2,000 meals for people elderly people in need and still managed to have a ton of fun in the process.

Check out the video above to see which contestants showed their silly side during their day of service.



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