'American Idol': Is One of the Top 5 Finalists a Diva?

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Which of these ladies is a diva? American Idols top 5 finalists.

Out of every five female finalists on a talent competition, one must be a diva.

It's a proven mathematical formula, right?

The five ladies left on American Idol are here to set the record straight.

"We're all so proud of each other," Kree Harrison told us, "There's definitely a strong sisterhood, whether you believe it or not!" Okay, we kind of believe you.

Candice Glover sees the growth in everyone. "We love each other, but the competition is very stiff," she said. "I feel like we're not amateurs anymore, we know what we're doing now." But that doesn't mean she's not enjoying all of this. "We're just five girls that hang out all week and happen to sing on a show on Wednesday."

Knowing that they've left such an indelible mark on Idol thrills Angie Miller, "I can't believe we made history!" Angie told us. "It feels amazing, all the girls are insanely talented and so different."

The girls shared a surreal moment last night "When we were on stage, we were like 'Holy crap! We're the top 5!'" Kree said. "I hope tomorrow they save whoever because I don't want to go home and I don't want to see anybody else go home."

Speaking of the big save, do the girls have faith it will be used soon?

"I think this week they'd use the save," Angie said. "But you never really know with the judges."

Amber Holcomb has an interesting take on the save. "I feel like they'll save any of the girls, but all of them have their favorites and not all of them like every single one of us."

Janelle Arthur is just grateful to have made it this far. "They might be like 'Janelle, we love you, but we'd rather use the save on someone we like better than you.' But I'm ready for whatever!" Janelle told us. "I'm not kidding, y'all. I'm so happy that I'm even here."


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