'The Vampire Diaries,' Season 4, Episode 19 Recap: "Pictures of You"

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VD is finally back. The pluses: Jeremy returned! Tyler returned! The minuses: Jeremy was really Silas! None of them took off their shirts!
The Vampire Diaries
is finally back--along with some greatly missed faces.

The pluses: Jeremy returned! Tyler returned!

The minuses: Jeremy was really Silas! Klaus caught Tyler! None of them took off their shirts!

Speaking of faces, we finally saw Silas'--and it is not pretty. (Dear CW: Maybe you should have considered this look for your lead in Beauty and the Beast?)

No wonder he was hijacking all the other beautiful people in Mystic Falls, who were especially glamorous for prom night. He suited up in tuxes as Jeremy (trying to persuade Bonnie to use her magic), Stefan and Damon (to stake each brother). But he was at his most dangerous in a glamorous ballgown, as Rebekah.

How dangerous? Well, Elijah placed the Cure in his/her perfectly manicured hands. Silas had a little help from Klaus, who let his sister know too late that her hopes of becoming human were lost. Wah-wah.

Elijah was obviously tired of toting that Cure around, because he didn't give a second thought about handing it over. His only requirement of Rebekah is that she swear off vampiring for a day, a test she almost passed before Matt persuaded her to save April.

See, the recent orphan needed some magic blood on account of Elena draining her own supply. She had reasons! April didn't rig the voting to crown Rebekah prom queen instead of Bonnie, who shared the stage with Saint Matt.

Bonnie? I mean, does she even go to school anymore? As her ex-BFF Elena pointed out, "I hear you got your mind wiped-that sucks."

Sucks even more to dance with your dead true love only to discover he's really the world's first vampire (with a nasty arson habit). And having your bestie try to kill you can't feel too good either!

(Again, Elena had reasons! Silas is all up in their grill, and if he can't be killed, his witch is the next best thing.)

So: prom. So disappointing for everyone. First, Caroline steals and wears Caroline's gown. (She had reasons! It really was quite flattering.) Then the Salvatore brothers fail to flip Elena's humanity switch back on. Rebekah is shunned by all, even Matt, and then Fauxbekah steals her one chance at normal dentistry.

Only Caroline had a happy ending: When she bailed on the dance, she found Tyler waiting for her at the after-party. He even gave her flowers and asked her to dance! Aw. Too bad Klaus was waiting for him outside. At least he gave him a head start?

Really, Klaus had so many family smackdowns to deliver he couldn't really be bothered about Tyler. That, and a kiss-off note from Katerina, warning him a witch in New Orleans has something so dreadful to tell him, it will "rattle him to his core" and make him forget all about chasing her. Guessing it's got nothing to do with Mardi Gras?

The party was over for Elena too: Stefan and Damon locked her in their cell. Bonnie headed below ground too, finally locating the real Silas. He explained that the reason he can't get a prom date (paraphrasing here) is that Qetsiyah used her magic "to ensure no woman could ever love me." (C'mon, has he even tried Belle or Catherine Chandler?)

"Pictures of You" is the title of the episode (and a song by the Cure, get it?), but Silas has a good reason not to be Tweeting selfies. So will he really use the Cure (!) to escape his miserable existence? Or will Bonnie use her magic to make him the most handsome of them all? Only four more episodes remain until Season 4's thrilling finale!


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