American Idol's Janelle Arthur: "They Got to Throw the Curve Ball"

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Staying true to her country roots since day one on Idol was Janelle Arthur.

"I wasn't ready to go," Janelle told us. "I was already thinking about songs for next week." Though she wasn't ready to go, she knew it was her time.

Janelle shared a moment with Candice Glover before the show started. "I turned around and went, 'This is the deal, I'm going home. They're not going to save me, but I love you.'" So sweet!

"And I turned around and walked out and we went on stage and that's exactly what happened. Everybody thought they would [use the save this week] I guess," Janelle said. "They got to throw the curve ball."

The finalists' mentor, Jimmy Iovine might not have agreed with Janelle's song choice for her diva performance, but, "I loved singing 'Dumb Blonde' last night!" said Janelle. "Mainly because I brought that to life, it's been in my head." Janelle explained the arrangement she came up with to the band days before the performance.

The judges weren't always easy on Janelle, but there's one judge she has a special bond with. "Throughout the live shows, I felt the most connected with Mariah," Janelle told us. "When I'm over on the couch, she's just glancing at me and will give me some sort of wink or look. It makes me feel good!"

What has always made Janelle feel good is music. "It's all I've ever been able to see," she said. "It's up from here, if I of course keep going and don't give up."

She started with country and that's where she's intending to stay. "I want to stay with my roots, it makes sense to me," she told us. "I'm from east Tennessee. It's not like I'm just saying I love country music. I am country."

We hope to see Janelle perform at the ACM or CMA's one day!


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