Kevin Jonas on 'Married to Jonas': Reality Show Has Improved Marriage

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How has 'Married to Jonas' impacted Kevin and Danielle Jonas' marriage?

Kevin Jonas talks Married to Jonas impact on marriage to Danielle JonasKevin Jonas Instagram

In the recent MTV live chat with the Jonas Brothers, Kevin was asked about Married to Jonas and the new season, including how a reality show impacts his relationship with wife Danielle.

Kevin explained, "There are tough times, there are good times. I think the show itself has really taught us how to connect when things are uncomfortable and you have to talk about things."

He added, "Sometimes you wanna brush things under the rug and with a show like this, you kind of can't because you're going to end up watching it a couple months later."

In the end, he says, "It's been a journey."

The second season, he adds, "is a lot more in-depth. We go to South get to see a little bit more of the behind the scenes of me and my brothers hanging out. And Dani doing some really individual things too, which is cool."

And how is it to have Kevin's in-laws moving in?

Kevin explained that Dani's parents sold their home and are building a new house, so while construction is underway, they needed a place to stay.

"It's what you do for family," Kevin explained, adding, "They are living in the house still."

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