Crazed Usher Fan Gets Kicked Out of 'The Voice' Taping

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A super fan was screaming and blowing a whistle to try to get Usher's attention during a taping of The Voice... %VIRTUAL-Gallery-184633%

Who doesn't love Usher? Suffice it to say, women everywhere rejoiced when the 34-year-old sexy R&B singer joined the judges' panel on The Voice this season.

But one fan's overzealous expression of that love landed her in hot water during a taping in Burbank on Thursday.

While Usher was sitting on stage with fellow judges Shakira, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in the show's signature red chairs, one audience member got a little out of hand.

At first, she tried yelling to get Usher's attention.

When that didn't work, she began blowing a whistle WHILE the cameras were rolling.

Another witness said that the woman was pointing at Usher and screaming "I want you!" at him.

Security tried to get her to stop, but she refused, so she was eventually escorted out of the building and off the lot.

Definitely not the result this super fan was hoping for.

Apparently, neither Usher nor his fellow judges were fazed by the incident and taping resumed as normal after she was escorted off the premises.


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