Why Did Kim Kardashian Call Herself a "Hypocrite"?

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Kim Kardashian says she's a hypocrite because she gave sister Kourtney Kardasihan such a hard time for having kids outside of wedlock. Kim Kardashian has been called a lot of things...but this time, she was the one doing the name calling.

While filming Ryan Seacrest With the Kardashians: An E! News Presentation (which airs tonight), Kim confessed that she had given sister Kourtney Kardashian a really hard time for having children outside of wedlock.

"I've said some things that I completely am, like, a hypocrite about now," Kim said. "I would say things about Kourtney like, 'You cannot have a baby without being married,' you know."

Obviously, Kim is regretting those comments as she is now pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West's baby.

In all fairness, she was actually married when she got pregnant...just not to Kanye.

At least Kim is willing to admit when she's wrong and it doesn't seem like Koutney is hung up on the hypocrisy at all. Kourt and the rest of the gang just seem excited to welcome a new member to the close-knit family, regardless of the circumstances.

Would you forgive Kim if you were Kourtney?



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