'American Idol' Final 4: What Were They Doing Before 'Idol'?

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Who used to work at a bar? American Idol top 4 finalists.

American Idol is the perfect platform for people who are trying to reach their singing dreams, including our top 4 finalists. But what would these girls be doing if it weren't music?

"I would love to model!" Amber Holcomb said, which surprised us. It's such a quiet profession. Angie Miller would stick with the arts. "Probably something like dance or photography," she said.

Kree Harrison couldn't even come up with an answer at first. "I wouldn't know because I can't imagine anything else," she said before adding, "I think I'd be a mommy."

Candice Glover answered, "For a while I was going to college for psychology. I always wanted to do counseling for teenagers who had insecurity problems."

With much of America watching them every week, what goes through their minds? "Definitely the lyrics," said Angie. "It's also where are we walking and where are the cameras, but you can't think about that too much."

Amber plays it song by song. "If I know the song, I'm like 'You got this!'" she said. "If I don't know the song, I'm like 'Oh, what's the first line?!'" Kree just tries to keep her focus. "I really want to channel that and not think about anything else," she told us.

"My biggest fear is forgetting the lyrics on TV," said Candice, who forgot the lyrics to Adele's "Chasing Pavements" in season 9. "Since then I make sure I know my lyrics. That was the most embarrassing thing ever to me!"

It wasn't long ago that these girls were living normal lives. "I was getting a lot more sleep!" Amber told us. Candice, who has tried out for Idol before, said, "I was working on an island and renting out golf carts, bicycles, mopeds and boats."

Angie came fresh out of high school. "I graduated in May and auditioned in June," said the Massachusetts native. "I was singing demos," said Kree, who's from Texas and lives in Nashville. "And working at a bar." Her best drink? "I just opened beers," she said.


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