Jillian Rose Reed and Nikki Deloach Talk New Season of 'Awkward'

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Jillian Rose Reed reveals the big prank she played on her on-screen love Brett Davern! Listen up, Awkward fans: stars Jillian Rose Reed and Nikki Deloach are giving us the scoop on what's coming up on season 3.

The Awkward gang is back, following their April 16 premiere, and they're in the midst of their junior year in high school.

"We're coming back from Europe and [Jake and I] are a new couple now so we're all over each other," Jillian, who plays Tamara on the show, told us.

So, is making out with her real-life friend Brett Davern, who plays Jake, a little, well, awkward?

"It's actually nice because him and I are really close," Jillian said. "So, it actually makes it less weird because you're not just making out with someone you've never met before. I'm making out with someone I've been friends with for like three, four years. We kiss and then we're like 'alright bye, see you tomorrow and we can do this all again. Make sure you brush your teeth.' We're a new couple so we're just exploring that. So, we'll see where that goes."

Speaking of Brett and Jillian's friendship, after Brett locked her in her trailer the last two seasons in a row, Jillian decided it was time to pay him back with the ultimate prank, planting a fart machine under his couch cushion during a scene with Beau Mirchoff [Awkward's Matt McKibben].

"We waited 'til he was taking a moment with his acting and wasn't talking yet, and we had the director push the button and ripped a really big fart," Jillian said with a laugh. "And Brett's face-he turned bright red--he thought that he farted. Beau and I were in tears. It was so great."

As for Jenna's mom, Lacey, played by Nikki Deloach, Nikki said she's trying to be a better parent this season.

"After the last two seasons, she goes into season 3 really wanting to be the mom Jenna never had, and the mother that she never had," Nikki told us during the sit-down. "Jenna has her pregnancy scare, which I think for Lacey she tried to handle it like what she didn't get from her mom when she was Jenna's age. Obviously, Jenna's was negative and Lacey's was positive. Then I take her to get on some birth control in episode two, so Jenna's kind of set up for the rest of the season. No babies for Jenna."

Babies aside, though, it looks like there will be a bit more drama brewing for the for the Palos Hills high school students.

"We're dealing with issues this season that are a little bit deeper, a little bit darker," Jillian continued. "We're still handling things in our quirky, awkward way, but it's interesting to see all of our characters deal with heavier things that they've never dealt with before."

"You see Jenna in a place that you've never seen Jenna before, and it kind of rocks the whole awkward world," Nikki added. "Every character is affected by the direction she goes and I think it's on point with the question and theme of the season which is 'who who do I want to be?'"

Awkward airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


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