Make Your Own Cape With Tallia Storm (And Hear How She Opened for Elton John)!

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How did Tallia meet Elton John? It's DIY time!

All the way from Scotland comes our friend Tallia Storm. Tallia is a 14-year-old jazz and soul singer who is best known for being the opening act at one of Elton John's shows in Scotland when she was just 13.

Tallia came by our studio to tell us about that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (And as a huge fan of fashion and a big supporter of young new designers, she also showed us how to make our own cape!)

When her family took a trip to Hawaii over a year ago, Tallia wasn't aware that her whole life would change. "My dad came down from the [hotel] room," Tallia told us. "And he was like, 'Guess who I just met in the lift?' Elton John, their baby and his partner.'"

As a fan of Elton's, it was only natural, "I became a stalker," Tallia said. "Just hoping for that tiny chance that I could see him."

The next morning, "I looked over my shoulder and two tables away from us was David Furnish [Elton's partner]," said Tallia. "This was my chance! I ran up to my room, got my demo and was like, 'Look, can you pass this on to sir Elton? I came from Scotland.'"

Did David pass the demo along? "The next day we're flying home, my mobile rings as we're going through security," Tallia said. "And it's Sir Elton John."

We know, we know, we almost can't believe it ourselves. "He couldn't believe I was 13 at the time and asked if I'd like to open for his concert in Scotland."

Talk about being at the right place at the right time!


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