Niall Horan Naked Shower Pic? It's Not Him, Niall Says!

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Niall Horan naked in the shower? The pic isn't of him, he says on Twitter. %VIRTUAL-Gallery-165647%

A pic of Niall Horan naked in the shower has been making the rounds--but Niall insists it's a fake!

Naturally, fans went a bit mental when they initially thought it was Niall scrubbing up in the shower.

Niall was quick to take to Twitter to set the record straight, tweeting: "That's not me by the way in that pic. I'd be happy with biceps like that though to be fair!"


The naked Niall photo isn't too bad, really--the guy is either a dead ringer for the Irish singer or someone is pretty handy with Photoshop.

At any rate, we're happy that Niall is always quick with a tweet to clear up rumors.

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