'The Voice' Battles Part 3 Recap: Usher's Surprise Steal

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Find out what happened on part three of The Voice battle rounds, including Usher's amazing steal!

On part three of The Voice "Battle Rounds," we saw six very intense battles. Battles so intense that the coaches really struggled to pick winners in most of them.

First up was Jessica Childress and Vedo for team Usher.

The two sang "Locked Out of Heaven" together and it was flawless. Their chemistry was amazing, which was one of the first things Shakira commented on.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton mirrored Shakira's sentiments, saying it was extremely enjoyable and that they were glad they weren't in Usher's shoes where they had to pick between the two.

Ultimately, Usher declared Vedo the winner and since nobody stole Jessica, she was sent home.

The next two contestants, Luke Edgemon and Monique Abbadie, were competing to keep their spot on team Shakira.

They sang Lady Gaga's "You and I" and played incredibly well off of each other.

Although Adam and Blake both said they would declare Luke the winner, Shakira went in a different direction and chose Monique.

After Monique exited the stage, Luke was getting ready to say his goodbyes when Usher and Blake both hit their buttons to steal him. With the choice now in his hands, Luke said he was going with his gut and picked Blake to be his new coach.

The next two contestants to take the stage were also on team Blake. Jacqui Sandell and Savannah Berry sang "Little White Church" together and Shakira helped Blake make his decision when she said she thought Savannah won that competition.

Blake agreed with Shakira and declared Savannah the winner.

Next up, we saw C. Perkins and Kris Thomas from team Shakira singing "It Will Rain".

Unfortunately, the song didn't thrill the Adam and Blake. Adam thought they were a little bit "all over the place" at times and Blake said he thought they still had more to show.

Shakira and Usher, on the other hand, thought it was amazing. In fact, Usher loved it so much that after Shakira declared Kris the winner, he stole C. Perkins in one of the coolest steals we've ever seen!

Just as C. Perkins was saying goodbye to each individual judge, thinking he was heading home, Usher hit his button bringing the shocked C. Perkins back into the competition.

The next battle of the night was Midas Whale against Patrick Dodd for team Adam.

The three sang "Burning Love" and all of the judges were blown away.

When it came time for Adam to make his decision, he was sick over it. He said it was the hardest decision he's had to make in his four seasons on the show.

In the end, Adam declared Midas Whale the winners and they became the second duo (along with The Swon Brothers) to make it through the battle rounds.

The last competition of the night was Orlando Dixon against Ryan Innes for team Usher.

Their song "Ain't No Sunshine" was the perfect pick for this pair and they absolutely nailed the performance.

Usher had a lot of trouble deciding which contestant he was going to keep, but after much debate, he finally decided to go with Ryan.

Don't worry about Orlando, though, Adam stole him, so we'll get to see him again in the "Knockout Rounds"!

What was your favorite performance from part three of the "Battle Rounds"?



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