Shakira Suffers Legal Defeat Against Ex-Employees

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Two of Shakira's ex-employees were suing her for $500,000 and although they won their case, their payout isn't exactly what they were looking for. Shakira is a busy woman. The Voice judge has a full schedule filming the show and coaching contestants, she's a new mom and she has a couple of lawsuits on her hands.

One of those suits was just settled and, unfortunately for the Latin pop star, the results were not in her favor.

Two of Shakira's former employees were suing her for "unjustified firing," claiming that after working for her for 24 years, she let them go because they refused to cook exactly what she wanted in the early hours of the morning.

However, a source told Huffington Post that Shakira actually fired the employees when she found out they were releasing private information to her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua. Shakira also fired back at the fired employees, saying they were demanding $500,000 as part of an extortion.

The singer ultimately lost both battles, but while the ex-employees were seeking a $500,000 sum, they actually only received $1,264, which is pocket change for Shakira.

Now, The Voice judge is left to deal with her other looming lawsuit, also from an ex...except this time it's her ex-boyfriend.

Antonio de la Rua claims he was Shakira's manager during their 11-year relationship and is seeking $100 million in compensation...which kind of makes the $500,000 lawsuit look like small potatoes.

Shakira has asked the judge to dismiss the case, but no word yet on whether or not her request was granted.



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