'The Voice' Battles Part 4 Recap: Usher's Second Surprise Steal

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On part four of The Voice "Battle Rounds," Usher pulls off a second surprise steal.

On part four of The Voice "Battle Rounds," we saw three battles and a sneaky steal by Usher.

First up, for team Shakira, was Brandon Roush and Shawna P., singing Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart".

During rehearsals, Brandon was a little intimidated because Shawna embodies the whole Janis Joplin vibe and she seemed to be having a much easier time with the song.

When it came time to battle, however, Brandon showed that he deserved to be sharing the stage with Shawna.

Adam Levine said that the performance was really fun and that he definitely considered Brandon and Shawna equals. Usher said that Shawna's voice is like fine wine, which apparently Shakira agreed with, because she quickly declared Shawna the winner of the battle.

Next up was Duncan Kamakana battling Sarah Simmons to see who would keep their spot on Adam's team.

The two sang "Wanted You More" and their soft, smooth ballad wowed all of the judges, but Sarah seemed to make the biggest impression on all of them.

Blake Shelton said that Sarah is one of his favorite singers he's ever heard in his life and Usher said her voice completely woke up the room.

In the end, Adam went with Sarah, saying he thinks she could win the entire competition.

Last up were Cathia and Mary Miranda from team Shakira.

Shakira gave them one of her own songs to sing to see if they would try to impersonate her or if they would make it their own and when the duo stepped on stage to sing "Antes De La Seis," they definitely owned it!

Adam said he didn't understand a word of it, but it was beautiful, Blake didn't understand it either, but assumed it was about him (naturally!) and Usher joked with Shakira, telling her she was a narcissist for picking her own song.

After Shakira declared Mary Miranda the winner, Usher pulled off another last second steal and hit his button after Cathia had already said her goodbyes and was walking off the stage, so Cathia will now be joining Usher's team for the "Knockout Rounds," which begin next week.

In battles that we didn't get to see, Michelle Chamuel defeated Chelsea M. on team Shakira, Amy Whitcomb beat Agina Alvarez for team Adam and Justin Rivers defeated the Morgan twins to keep his spot on team Blake.

Which was your favorite performance from part four of the "Battle Rounds"?



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