Tonight on 'American Idol': Who Is Singing Rihanna, Drake and Adele Hits?

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Who are you most excited to hear? American Idol top 4 finalists.

We're all in for a treat this week!

We got to chat with the final four girls on American Idol during their rehearsals and found out which songs they've chosen for their "free choice" week. The girls will each have three performances tonight, two solos and one duet with one other finalist.

Candice Glover got paired up with Angie Miller. "We're doing 'Stay' by Rihanna," said Angie. "It's not going to be as mellow, we're going to put a groove to it." The song has stayed in our heads, and we can't wait to hear these two cover it.

"Now we finally get a chance to do something we want to do," added Candice, "It's definitely going to be more current."

Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb will be taking on UK powerhouse Adele. "At first, I was like 'Why are we doing an Adele song?!'" Kree said. "And then I realized how cool you can make it as a duet." Kree also admitted that she'd never try to take on an Adele song solo.

For their solos, "I'm doing 'Find Your Love' by Drake," Candice told us. "I'm not going to rap, but I really look up to Drake and his artistry."

Kree decided to stay close to her roots, "I chose 'Hurt So Bad' by Susan Tedeschi," she said. "It's my selfish song. It's a bluesy song and I feel like the crowd is going to love it."

Angie also chose something familiar. "I'm doing 'Who You Are' by Jessie J," she said. "I actually did this song our first week in Hollywood, so I've always wanted to do it again on a live show."

Who do you think will nail her song best tonight?


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