Top 3 Moments from This Week's Battle Rounds on 'The Voice'

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See which one of Adam Levine's funny lines made it into our Top 3 Moments from week two of The Voice "Battle Rounds".

The final two "Battle Rounds" shows on The Voice brought us crazy intense competition, surprising steals and some of the most memorable moments we've seen all season.

Our list of amazing moments from these shows is long, but we were finally able to narrow it down to our top three that we thought were worth revisiting.

So, take a look at our most favorite and then tell us which moment you thought stole the show this week (even if it's not on the list).

1. Usher Shows His Soft Side

After Vedo was victorious in his battle with Jessica Childress, he has an emotional moment backstage.

As soon as he was out of sight, he started crying and confessed that he wished more than anything that his mom was there.

Before his blind audition, Vedo said that his mom is his "everything," and he wanted her to be there so badly, but she had just been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and was unable to attend.

Vedo's first thought was to drop out of The Voice and stay with his mother, but she told him to go and pursue his dream.

As he continues that pursuit, he keeps wishing she could be there and his emotions got the best of him after the battle.

Knowing that Vedo was struggling, Usher walked off stage and comforted Vedo during the difficult moment and gave him a pep talk about how he's making his mom so proud and he knows she's smiling as they speak.

Hopefully having people with such warm hearts like Usher around will make things a little bit easier for Vedo.

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

While Blake Shelton is commenting on Jacqui Sandell and Savannah Berry's battle, he said "I respect that you two have a respect for each other," and then Adam Levine chimes in, saying, "I respect that..." and then Shakira gets in on the action and jokes, "I respect that you respect his respect for their respect..." to which Adam quips back, "thank you, I respect that, too."

The whole exchange was pretty funny and it's always nice to see the dynamic between the judges continuing to evolve.

So, now we all know that the judges have respect for each other and they respect that each one has respect for the other...and we respect that!

3. Lost in Translation

For their battle, Cathia and Mary Miranda sang one of Shakira's Spanish songs...which Usher playfully called her a narcissist for.

But when the song was over, there was no denying it was beautifully executed, even if you didn't understand a word of what they were saying.

Blake, who doesn't speak Spanish, joked that he didn't understand the romantic ballad, but it was wonderful and it was clearly about him.

Shakira played along, saying, "Yeah, I wrote that song for Blake because he's broken my heart so many times...every time he says he doesn't understand what I say!"

Blake one-ups Shakira and comes back with "I don't know what she just said there, either!"

It's always fun to see silly moments like that, especially during such an intense competition.

What was your favorite moment from this week's "Battle Rounds"?



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