Which Celeb Does Ryan Lochte Have a Crush On?

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Think you might be Ryan Lochte's type? See which celebs he is crushing on to find out if you fit the mold... As we saw on Sunday's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, the Olympic gold-medalist can get just about any woman he wants.

So, the question then becomes "what does Ryan Lochte want?"

We know that he wants to become the next Kim Kardashian, but when Huff Post Celebrity asked Ryan who his celebrity crush was, the swimmer made no mention of his fellow E! reality star.

"I saw Sports Illustrated magazine and I saw Kate Upton and she was looking good," he said. "But of course, my all-time favorite is Carmen Electra. I mean, growing up and watching Baywatch, that's it."

Ryan had the chance to hang with his celebrity crush last month when they hit up a Hollywood bar called Boozy Bellows, where according to E! News, they were flirting a lot and even shared a couple of kisses.

As for what Ryan is looking for in a potential girlfriend (aside from being Carmen Electra), he said he is definitely looking for a girl that can make him laugh.

He even stressed just how important that characteristic is when he said "I don't care if they're black, white, tall, short, round, brunette, blonde, it doesn't matter. You make me laugh, you're on the right track."

Who do you think would be a good girlfriend for Ryan Lochte?



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