Are Katy Perry and Rihanna Back to Being Best Buds?

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After not talking for quite some time, Katy Perry and Rihanna exchanged some interesting tweets... Have Katy Perry and Rihanna finally mended fences?

The two girls, who were once BFFs, had definitely been drifting apart. Fans were shocked when Rihanna didn't attend Katy's wedding to Russell Brand back in 2010, then reports claimed that Katy couldn't stand the fact that Rihanna had rekindled her relationship with Chris Brown because she didn't approve of their relationship.

Whatever the reason, it seems all that is now water under the bridge and the two are talking...or at least tweeting again, which is a start...

When pictures surfaced of Rihanna partying in a strip club, Katy tweeted her former best bud, saying, "Ermm... I was in LA Saturday night... Should I be proud or offended I wasn't invited @rihanna #WHOISTHISDOPPLEGANGER," to which Rihanna replied, "@katyperryerrm I wasn't! Lol! #miaminights howeverrrrr....I'll still let you spank me!"

It sounds like the girls have already made plans for their much-anticipated reunion, because Katy also tweeted, "Don't worry @rihanna I'll make it up to you at Barclays...Or more like let you make it up to me... Hehehe @rihanna."

We're glad to see that these feisty female pop stars are back in each other's good graces again!

Who would you rather hang out with: Katy Perry or Rihanna?



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