BTR Couch Sesh Highlights: "Who Doesn't Like Massive Boobies?"

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How did the guys decide on their album name, '24/seven'? These boys really know how to work a room!

When the guys from Big Time Rush stopped by for a live video Q&A recently, they covered everything you asked--from why they named their next album 24/Seven to attacking Katy Perry on stage and even massive boobies!

It makes sense that the guys went with 24/seven for their album title. "In the song [on the album], the chorus is 'All day everyday is a holiday,'" said Logan Henderson. "And that's kind of what BTR is."

Remember when Carlos Pena, Jr. kind of attacked Katy at the KCAs? "She looked beautiful and I really wanted to get a hug," Carlos explained. "And they [BTR guys] dared me to!"

When a fan asked the guys who could combine two animals into one, Logan knew Kendall Schmidt would have a good answer. "I would put a uromastyx attached to a blue-footed booby," Kendall told us. "And call it a massive booby." Interesting. "Who doesn't like massive boobies?" added James Maslow.

24/Seven will be out in June, but you can pre-order it right here now! And don't forget to get your ticket to their Summer Break Tour with Victoria Justice.


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