Coco Jones: "I've Been Compared To Beyonce," Not Bad for a 15-Year-Old!

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Who is Coco Jones going on tour with this summer? Watch out, world!

Coco Jones is a 15-year-old recording artist who was featured on Radio Disney's singing contest, "The Next Big Thing" in 2010. She's been hard at work the past few years and now has some music to share!

Her debut single, "Holla at the DJ," came out last year. "I love it because it's so high energy," Coco told us. "The video is black and white, and I thought that was so fierce."

Coco definitely has her mom to thank for her start. "My mom was the one who found out that I can sing," Coco said. "I was 3 and watching Barney. Whatever he would sing, I would sing back to him."

But her tunes now are far different than her purple-dinosaur-loving days, "Good singing and really good music," Coco said as she described her music style and what she likes. "Dance songs, R&B type songs that are really chill or ballads."

It makes sense to us, since her dream collaborations all fall into those categories. "Missy Elliot and Will.I.Am will make the track," Coco told us on her dream collabs. "And me, Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé will do a duo type thing that people will never forget."

Speaking of Queen B, "I've been compared to Beyoncé," Coco told us. "I don't know if I heard baby Beyoncé, but it's just so crazy because she's so iconic and amazing."

She may not be teaming up with any of those artists yet, but there is one group she'll soon be hanging with a lot. "This summer I'm touring with Mindless Behavior," said Coco. "They are so high energy and that's just like my concerts. So I know it'll be a blast."


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