Farrah Abraham Disrespected MTV Crew Members, Called Them Her "Workers"

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Farrah Abraham allegedly demeaned MTV crew members and referred to them as her "workers". Think Farrah Abraham was disrespectful to Dr. Phil during her appearance on his show? That was nothing!

According to the new book, Teen Mom Confidential, which was written by industry insiders, Farrah was an absolute terror on the set of Teen Mom.

The book claims that Farrah was degrading to MTV production crew members, reducing one to tears and causing others to walk off the job.

Daniel Alvarez, who was dating Farrah when one of the crew members quit said, "She would tell me she fired them, but in reality it was them not wanting to work with her anymore."

He also says that he saw a lot of production people come and go during the six weeks he was with her.

And that's not the worst of it. A neighbor says that Farrah would refer to the MTV crew as her "workers" and insisted that they worked for her, not the other way around.

When said "workers" wanted to talk to Farrah's dad, Michael, she apparently threw a fit, asking "Is this Michael's show or my show?"

Another account of Farrah's bad behavior claims that when she was in a grocery store and encountered a clerk who struggled with her English, Farrah blew up at her and told her she should be "mopping the floor" instead.

Teen Mom Confidential reached out to Farrah and she claims these people "don't know their a** from a hole in the ground," saying "I discredit anything they say because they are such mental cases."

Well, that certainly explains everything, doesn't it?



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