Selena Gomez Back with Justin Bieber Because She Feels Guilty? Plus, Sel Talks Perfect Guy

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Did Selena Gomez get back together with Justin Bieber because she felt guilty? %VIRTUAL-Gallery-173698%

A lot has been said about the reasons why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got back together--but here's a new one: Sel reportedly felt guilty about his bad boy behavior and took Justin back.

There's no doubt that Justin seemed to come a bit unglued after he and Selena broke up, but do you think her guilt over it is why they recently reunited?

Life & Style reports (via The Mirror) that Selena "partly blames herself" for Justin's odd behavior, with a source telling the magazine, "She thinks leaving him sent him over the edge."

The sourced added, "Selena has always felt like she knows Justin better than anyone, and that she sees a side of him that no one sees."

Selena flew out to Norway to be with Justin, but the source says that "doesn't mean they are back together as an exclusive couple, but they love each other. She wants to be there for him."

Meanwhile, Selena has been busy promoting her new single and spoke with 103.5 KTU about what she's looking for in a guy.

No, she didn't say Justin Bieber, but she noted her perfect man, "To be honest, I like this," she said to the handsomely dressed interviewer.

Besides a sharp-dressed dude, Sel said, "I like somebody that can make me laugh because I tend to not be as...I don't like trying to be cool. That's something that I've learned is I'm not...I like somebody that can make fun of me and laugh."


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