Selena Gomez Reportedly Recorded a New Song About Justin Bieber

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Find out what she had to say about it!
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Selena Gomez is using her music to talk about her relationship with Justin Bieber!

Even though they aren't talking about their status right now, Selena recently admitted that a song about her relationship with Justin will be on her new album.

"I did record a song because it's about the subject I went through, but it's beautiful," she said on Z100's radio show yesterday when asked if any of her new tunes are about Justin.

"If you're going to do it, that's the best way," she added.

She admitted she preferred to tell her fans the truth herself and about that time in her life through music instead of them reading about it.

"Giving it to the fans and you have control over it, opposed to someone spinning the story," she said.

It seems like Jelena like to dedicate a lot of things to each other these days. Check out Justin's latest tattoo that SO looks like Sel here!

Are you excited to hear Selena's song about Justin?

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