'The Voice' Judges Dish About the New Dynamic

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Find out how Adam Levine and Blake Shelton felt when they found out Shakira and Usher would be joining The Voice and whether or not they think it's working now. %VIRTUAL-Gallery-184633%

Everyone was wondering about how new judges Usher and Shakira would get along with The Voice veteran judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Since the season began, there have been rumors that there are feuds between judges and that a lot of drama is going on behind-the-scenes.

During NBC Universal's summer press day, the foursome spilled about the new dynamic and how they really feel about working with each other.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Levine admitted that he was a little worried about whether or not there would be chemistry, admitting that while he feels fortunate that the four of them did click, "it's a different chemistry than the chemistry before."

Blake Shelton also admits that he had some reservations about Usher and Shakira joining the show only because it was so successful as it was and he had never met either of them before.

However, Blake's reservations were quickly put to rest when he started working with the two new judges. He says, "I'll be damned if it's not as strong as it's ever been with the four of us. I'm lovin' it. I'm proud of that....whoever picked these two knew they weren't dealing with artists with egos, they were dealing with really good people and that's what makes it work."

Shakira said that she was thrown into the situation with essentially no preparation or guidance and was just told to be herself...advice that she definitely seems to have taken to heart!

Usher remains extremely humble about their role on the show, saying, "they didn't need us for the show to work."

While the show was working before, we're loving the new dynamic with Usher and Shakira on the judges' panel!

What do you think of Shakira and Usher as judges/coaches so far?


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