Amanda Bynes Shaves Half Her Head Like Miley Cyrus

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Actress shows off her new look on Twitter, says "this is the new me" Amanda Bynes buzzed half her head!Amanda Bynes is buzzed!

The actress debuted a brand new hairdo on Twitter that totally reminds us of Miley Cyrus, but her inspiration was another singer.

"I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!" Amanda Tweeted along with this picture of her latest look.

Amanda must see the resemblance between her and Miley's hair as well, since she retweeted one person who commented: "You like like Miley Cyrus there."

But wasn't her head already shaved? Amanda said just a few weeks ago that she had shaved her entire head due to hair damage, but had extensions.

What do you think of Amanda's new buzzed blonde hairstyle?

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