Harry Styles Tweets Selena Gomez Lyrics: Is He Flirting With Her?

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Uh oh! Is there something going on between Harry and Selena?
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Is One Direction's Harry Styles making the moves on Selena Gomez? It depends on how you look at it!

People started talking about possible flirtation between the two singers
after Harry tweeted Selena lyrics to one of his fans this week.

One 1D fan tweeted "Come & Get It" lyrics to him and he responded back with lyrics too. While we think it was all pretty innocent, many believe it was his way of flirting with Sel!

"when u ready come and get it @harry_styles," the fan posted.

"@apresharry na na na na," he tweeted back.

We also don't think he was flirting with Selena because we highly doubt he wants to date one of Taylor Swift's BFFs. We all know they aren't too fond of each other! And wouldn't it be against girl code if Selena hooked up with Taylor's ex? Uh yeah!

Do you think Harry was just being cute with his fan or trying to send messages to Selena?

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