Idol's Final Four React to No Elimination and Drake's Surprise Appearance!

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Did the girls see it coming? American Idol final four.

We predicted that the final four would stay put this week before Idol started last night, but we didn't guess that someone would be making a special appearance.

"I think I was too strung out to even cry," Candice Glover said about Drake coming out on stage. Candice put her own twist on his song "Find Your Love" last night. We're sure it wasn't too hard for Nicki Minaj to put that request in since Nicki and Drake are good friends.

Candice admitted that she was thinking about it all day, but we noticed the other three girls seemed even more excited when he walked out. "You don't understand her love for Drake," Angie Miller told us. "We understand! We weren't cheering cause Drake was there, we were cheering 'Yeah Candice! Yeah girl!'"

Amber Holcomb had a feeling though. "That thing sounded too close!" she said. "It didn't sound like a recording."

"He just thanked me for doing his song," Candice said. "He said stay true to who I am and he hopes that I can sing with him on tour one day."

Though that was an exciting moment, the girls had another reason to cheer. "We didn't hear anything, but we all guessed it," Angie said about last night's results.

Not everyone. "I was practicing my farewell song," said Kree Harrison. "I was singing it out loud." After hearing what show producer Nigel Lythgoe said, we would have been too.

"Right before, Nigel came up to me and Kree," said Angie. "And he said, 'So, the band knows your save song, right?'" Way to mess with their minds, Nigel!

In all seriousness, we're glad that the four girls all get to stay. But this makes us even more excited to see how they'll really step it up next week.


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